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Cinemagic Popcorn Accessories
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Popcorn Starter Kit

Popcorn Starter Kit

Each starter kit contains:
  • 24 pre-measured popcorn portion packs
  • 100 - one ounce paper popcorn bags
  • 1 - plastic scoop
  • corn and oil measure kit
Part # Description
45004 Starter Kit for 4 oz. poppers (24 pre-measured portion packs, 100 one-oz. paper popcorn bags, plastic scoop, measure kit)
45006 Starter Kit for 6 oz. poppers (24 pre-measured portion packs, 100 one-oz. paper popcorn bags, plastic scoop, measure kit)
45008 Starter Kit for 8 oz. poppers (24 pre-measured portion packs, 100 one-oz. paper popcorn bags, plastic scoop, measure kit)
Popcorn Portion Packs

Popcorn Portion Packs

You'll have perfect, theater-quality popcorn every time with these convenient packets of pre-measured popcorn, seasoning salt and coconut oil. No measuring. No mess. Just great popcorn!
Part # Description
40004 24 packs for 4 oz. popper
40006 24 packs for 6 oz. popper
40008 24 packs for 8 oz. popper
Scoop Boxes

Scoop Boxes

These popular red and white striped boxes are both festive and functional. Constructed of heavy gauge cardstock, they're sturdy enough to scoop popcorn straight from the popper then stand on their own for easy enjoyment.
Part # Description
41044 .75oz. scoop boxes (100)
3.5"w x 3.5"d x 6"h
41047 1.25oz. scoop boxes (100)
3.5"w x 3.5"d x 7.5"h
41048 1.75oz. scoop boxes (100)
4"w x 4"d x 8"h
Paper Popcorn Bag

Paper Popcorn Bags

Presenting the most economical way to serve popcorn. These disposable serving bags have a colorful design and are ideal for high volume locations like concession stands. Artwork subject to change without notice.
Part # Description
41001 1000 bags
2" x 3.5" x 8"
41002 1000 bags
2.5" x 4" x 8.25"
41003 1000 Jumbo bags
5.25" x 12"
Closed Top Popcorn Box

Closed Top Popcorn Boxes

These closed top boxes are great for when popcorn needs to be transported and are available in four convenient sizes. Artwork subject to change without notice.
Part # Description
41549 .75 oz. boxes (100)
6.5"h x 2"d x4"w
41557 .95 oz. boxes (100)
7"h x 2"d x 4.25"w
41563 1.25 oz. boxes (100)
7.5"h x 2"d x 4.75"w
41569 1.8 oz. boxes (50)
8.5"h x 2"d x 5.75"w
41574 2.3 oz. boxes (50)
8.5"hx 2.5"d x 5.75"w
Popcorn Butter Bags

Popcorn Butter Bags

These bags are specially coated to prevent butter from leaking out. Their flat bottoms allow them to stand upright. Artwork subject to change without notice.
Part # Description
41232 32 oz. bags (100) red
7"h x 2.5"d x 4.25"w
41246 46 oz. bags (100) orange
8.25"h x 2.5"d x 4.5"w
41285 85 oz. bags (100) blue
9.5"h x 3.5"d x 5"w
41230 130 oz. bags (100) green
10.5"h x 3.75"d x 6"w
41270 170 oz. bags (100)purple
10.75"h x 3.75"d x 7.5"w
Popcorn Tubs

Popcorn Tubs

Constructed of heavy paper board, these decorative tubs can be re-used and are ideal for large gatherings. Artwork subject to change without notice.
Part # Description
41432 32 oz. tubs (100)
4.5" top diameter x 5.75" high
41446 46 oz. tubs (100)
4.75" top diameter x 7" high
41485 85 oz. tubs (50)
7" top diameter x 6.5" high
41430 130 oz. tubs (50)
7.5" top diameter x 8.25" high
41470 170 oz. tubs (50)
7.5" top diameter x 10" high
Combo Serving Trays

Combo Serving Trays

These sturdy and colorful serving trays are a necessity for concession stands. They have a separate compartment for a drink, food and a candy bar. Overall assembled dimensions are 10" x 6.5" x 2". 250 trays per carton.
Part # Description
47001 Combo Serving Trays 250/ct
Popcorn Flavorings

Popcorn Seasoning and Flavorings

For perfect flavor every time, rely on these seasonings specifically formulated for popcorn. Just add to popcorn and oil while cooking, and the result is that rich flavor every popcorn lover craves.

pdf Click For Nutritional Info - 35.60 Kb
Part # Description
40010 35 oz. Seasoning Salt
40021 28 oz. Caramel Glaze
40023 4 lb. Cheddar Cheese Mix
Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Get the great theater popcorn taste with our specially formulated coconut oil. Enriched with beta carotene and buttery flavoring this popping oil will insure the movie theater popcorn experience.

pdf Click For Nutritional Info - 40.48 Kb
Part # Description
40011 One Gallon Coconut Oil
40015 50 lb Pail Coconut Oil
Canola Oil

Canola Oil

Satisfy all the popcorn lovers you know. This specially formulated oil is ideal for popcorn because it provides the same great taste found at movie theaters without high saturated fats and cholesterol.
Part # Description
40012 One Gallon Canola Oil
Buttery Topping

Buttery Topping

Complete the ultimate popcorn experience with this ready-to-serve buttery topping. Just heat it up and pour it on your popcorn.

pdf Click For Nutritional Info 34.90 Kb
Part # Description
40017 One Gallon Buttery Topping
Measuring Cups

Measure Kit

Designed specifically for popper use, this convenient set includes four long-handled, stainless steel measures. Each has standard measurements and can be used for any bulk popcorn situations.
Part # Description
42004 Popcorn & Oil Measure Kit
Popcorn Kettle Cleaning Kit

Kettle Cleaning Kit

Keep your popper clean and at the ready. This kit includes everything you need to bring your kettle back to original condition: chemical cleaner, steel wool, scraper, rubber gloves, sponge and detailed instructions.
Part # Description
43001 Kettle Cleaning Kit
Popcorn Scoops


When your crowd demands popcorn, rely on these popcorn scoops to handle the job. The aluminum speed scoop is designed for quick and easy filling of bags and boxes. The plastic scoop is an economical way to fill containers and both are dishwasher safe.
Part # Description
42030 Aluminum Speed Scoop
42020 Plastic Popcorn Scoop
Bulk Popcorn

Bulk Popcorn

For high production scenerios and when demand needs supply, our bulk popcorn is all you need. Available for purchase in a 50 pound box conveniently packaged in four 12.5 pound bags.
Part # Description
40507 12.5 lbs bags (4)
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