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Benchmark USA was formed in 2004 with the vision of providing today's food equipment distribution system the tools to be successful in today's ever-changing business paradigm. Technology has changed the way we do business in the 21st century. Information has become virtually instantaneous while logistical lead-times have become minimal.

Unfortunately, supply has not always kept up with the speed of information and logistics. Benchmark USA's business model provides instant gratification to the distribution system. "Mi casa es su casa" is a popular term in Mexico (my house is your house) and at Benchmark USA we take it to new levels.

Our pledge to our distribution system is that "Our warehouse is your warehouse". Always stocked and ready to ship. Simply send us the shipping information instantaneously via fax, phone or email and the product is shipped immediately from our centrally located North American distribution center. From order, to shipment, to delivery, at the speed of light.

The benefits to our exclusive dealer network are substantial:

  • No lost sales due to stock outages
  • No inventory carrying costs
  • Positive cash flow
  • Maximized margins
  • Satisfied customers

Many businesses can benefit from becoming an Authorized Re-seller of Benchmark USA products. Whether your business is distribution, retailing, e-commerce, cataloging or placement, Benchmark USA's program can provide you with the advantages necessary to be successful in today marketplace.

Contact us today to see if Benchmark USA's program can benefit your business.

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