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Hotdog Supplies and Accessories

Stock up on Benchmark USA's hotdog supplies including hotdog bags, tongs, trays and more!
Popcorn Portion Packs

Hotdog Starter Kit

Each starter kit contains:
  • One 9" stainless steel tongs
  • One stainless steel tong holder
  • 100 Paper hotdog bags
Part # Description
66001 Hotdog Starter Kit (one - 9" Stainless Steel tong, one stainless steel tong holder and 100 paper hotdog bags)
Scoop Boxes

Paper Hotdog Bags

These paper hotdog bags are ideal for point-of-sale or self-serve packaging of hotdogs. Each bag is 3" x 2" x 8-3/4" and will hold a standard length hotdog. Packaged 1000 bags per case.
Part # Description
68001 1000 Paper Hotdog Bags
Paper Popcorn Bag

Foil Hotdog Bags

These foil hotdog bags are ideal for packaging and holding cooked hotdogs. Pre-package your hotdogs in these bags and put in a warmer for fast serving. Each bag is 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 8-3/4" and will hold a standard length hotdog. Packaged 1000 bags per case.
Part # Description
68002 1000 Foil Hotdog Bags
Closed Top Popcorn Box

Tong Holder

Tongs not included
This stainless steel tong holder is specifically designed to hold Benchmark USA's 9" tongs in a convenient and sanitary fashion. It is ideal for use with any of Benchmark USA's hotdog machines.
Part # Description
67002 Stainless Steel Tong Holder
Popcorn Butter Bags

Stainless Steel Tongs

These 9" stainless steel tongs are specifically designed to work with hotdog grills and steamers. The serrated teeth provide positive gripping for hotdogs and sausages while the 9" length and 6" width is ideal for handling buns as well.
Part # Description
67001 Stainless Steel Tongs
Popcorn Tubs

Fluted Hotdog Trays

These 6" medium-weight fluted hotdog trays are the economical way to serve hotdogs. Packaged 500 per carton.
Part # Description
68004 Fluted Hotdog Trays (500/ct)
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