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Snowcone Starter Kit
Each starter kit contains:
    - 1 Gallon of Snow Cone Syrup (Flavor is Random)
    - (50) Six Ounce Snow Cone Cups
    - 1 - Plastic Scoop
    - 1 - Pump for syrup


    Part # Description
    72601 Snow Cone Starter Kit (1 gallon of Snow Cone Syrup, 50 six-oz. paper snow cone cups, plastic scoop, pump for syrup)
Snowcone Syrups
Snowcone Syrups

Snowcone syrups are available in one gallon containers and must be purchased in multiples of four (mix & match allowed).
Part # Description
72001 Blue Raspberry
72002 Cherry
72003 Grape
72004 Lemon
72005 Lime
72006 Strawberry
72007 Red Raspberry
72008 Bubble Gum
72009 Green Apple
72010 Root Beer
72011 Orange
72012 Fuzzy Navel


Snowcone Cups

These six ounce snow cone cups are the ideal serving size for snow cones and are packaged in 1000 per case or in a convenient 200 pack to compliment our spoon straws.
Part # Description
72501 6 oz. Snow Cone Cups
72507 200 snow cone cups
Snowcone Spoon Straws
Snowcone Straws

These spoon straws are ideal for use with snow cones and are packaged 200 straws per case.
Part # Description
72401 Spoon Straws
Snowcone Pump
Snowcone Pumps
These pumps are ideal for Snow Cone Syrups. Each time it is depressed it releases one ounce of syrup.
Part # Description
72301 Snowcone Pump

stainless steel snow dipper

Snowcone Dipper

This snow cone dipper makes it easy to fill the snow cone cups. Works for either snow cones or shaved ice.
Part # Description
72305 Snowcone Dipper
Snowcone Cup Dispsener
Snowcone Cup Dispenser

This Blue tinted Acrylic dispenser will hold approximately 200 six oz. cups and attaches easily to the Benchmark USA Snow Cone Machine with the included hardware.
Part # Description
72701 Snowcone Cup Dispenser
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